ChatGPT Created a Puzzle based on Sudoku Mechanics: Sumplete

ChatGPT Created a Puzzle based on Sudoku Mechanics: Sumplete

According to recent reports, OpenAI's ChatGPT has developed a novel game called Sumplete, which has garnered significant attention and has the potential to surpass Wordle in popularity (Tait, 2022). While the game was developed with some human guidance from Daniel Tait, who helped to create a website for the game, the artificial intelligence model appears to have played a crucial role in the game's creation (Tait, 2022).

You can try playing sumplete yourself: Play Sumplete at

Sumplete is a game that shares similarities with Sudoku, although it has distinct rules and mechanics. Players are presented with grids of varying sizes and difficulty levels, with the most challenging being the 9x9 grid (Tait, 2022). The objective of the game is to delete numbers in each cell such that the sum of the remaining numbers adds up to the target number indicated besides each row and column. Notably, when a number is deleted from a row, it is also removed from the column it crosses, adding to the complexity of the game (Tait, 2022).

While the 3x3 version of the game may appear simplistic, the challenge and addictive nature of the game increases exponentially as players progress to more complex grids (Tait, 2022). As such, Sumplete presents an intriguing and stimulating challenge for those looking to test their problem-solving skills.


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