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free sudoku puzzles for android

Free sudoku puzzles for android

  • Help and solving assists

    Use pencil marks, number highlights, hints, and undo to solve faster
  • Challenges mode

    300+ hand-picked symmetrical sudoku puzzles for every difficulty from easy to challenging.
  • Instant Mode

    Never run out of puzzles to choose from with randomly generated sudoku.
  • Camera mode

    Scan with a camera and solve a puzzle from your favorite newspaper or magazine.
  • Sudoku Solver

    Your phone can help you learn to solve difficult sudoku in 1 minute
  • Creator mode

    Build your own puzzle and share with friends to double the fun
  • Performance reports

    See your progress and skill improvement in simple statistics.
sudoku tips book pdf

How to play Sudoku - pdf printable book

Unlock the secrets of Sudoku and become a puzzle-solving pro with our free printable PDF guide! This comprehensive guide is packed with expert tips, tricks, and 20 hand picked puzzles for beginners. Download Sudoku+ book now

Sudoku is an incredibly popular and well-loved puzzle game that has captured the hearts of millions of people all around the world. The objective of the game is to fill a 9x9 grid with numbers, such that each row, column, and 3x3 section contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. This requires a great deal of logical thinking and problem-solving skills, making it an excellent brain game that can help improve your concentration, memory, and overall cognitive abilities:

If you're interested in playing Sudoku, it's never been easier to get started. Simply find a free online version of the game and start playing. You'll be amazed at how quickly the game will become your favorite way to spend your free time.

But beyond just being a fun game to play, Sudoku has a multitude of benefits for your brain. Regularly playing Sudoku can help improve your concentration, enhance your problem-solving skills, increase your memory retention, and even boost your overall intelligence. It's no wonder why so many people choose to play Sudoku every day!

One of the great things about Sudoku is that it can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned puzzle solver or just starting out, there's a level of difficulty that's right for you. And as you get better at the game, you can gradually increase the level of difficulty to keep your brain challenged.

So why wait? If you're looking for a fun, challenging, and brain-boosting puzzle game, Sudoku is the perfect choice. Get started today and see for yourself why so many people have fallen in love with this timeless classic!

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Practice and learning make perfect, You will find various articles ranging from history of sudoky to efficient strategies and collections of books or youtube videos.

Can chatGPT solve Sudoku?

Can chatGPT solve Sudoku?

2023 May 27th

Can ChatGPT tackle Sudoku? Uncover the fascinating experiments, challenges faced, and potential improvements in AI puzzle-solving. Join us as we delve into the intersection of AI and Sudoku.

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World Sudoku Championsip 2023: all you keed to know

World Sudoku Championsip 2023: all you keed to know

2023 May 27th

Discover the excitement of the Sudoku World Championship 2023, where puzzle-solving elites from around the world gather in Toronto, Canada. Explore the intense competition, notable participants, and intriguing puzzles that await in this prestigious event.

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