What is the most difficult level sudoku puzzle?

2022 April 5th

Dr Arto Inkala, a mathematician from Finland, designed an ingenious sudoku puzzle which make take several days to be cracked by logic

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Is sudoku good for your memory?

2022 April 4th

People regularly solving sudoku puzzles have their brain function equivalent to 10 years younger than their age. Short-term memory performance can be compared to an 8 years younger...

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World sudoku championship explained

2022 March 1st

Have you ever heard about WSC and records that were set at this extraordinary competition? Read on to find out.

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Best free apps to reset your brain

2022 February 25th

If you ever find it hard to unwind or focus have a look at this article. Fine colelction of best apps to train your brain or reduce anxiety.

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Best free sudoku app for android in 2022

2022 January 27th

Want to learn to solve sudoku puzzles in minutes? Sudoku Plus has a wide range of difficulty settings and solving tools to help you build your solving skills from beginner to sudoku advanced player and master sudoku games.

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Tricks to solve sudoku faster pdf

2022 January 19th

Best proven tips and tricks to solve sudoku puzzles faster than ever.

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What is sudoku world record?

2021 January 25th

A Sudoku Master from China Wang Shiyao solved 9x9 sudoku grid in 54.44 seconds at the World Sudoku & Puzzle Championship held in Prague. However...

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How to solve sudoku in 5 minutes

2021 January 15th

5 simple strategies to comple a sudoku puzzle in under 5 minutes from beginning to complete solution

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Step by step guide to solving sudoku puzzle

2021 January 1st

Have a look at complete solution from start to completion of the puzzle

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