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How to download sudokuplus apk for free?

Sudoku+ mobile app for android is totally free and does not containt any ads You can download it here: Download now

Challenge Yourself with a Wide Range of Difficulty Settings

Sudoku Plus offers 300 hand-picked symmetrical puzzles ranging from easy to difficult. No matter your skill level, you'll never run out of options.

Solve Puzzles More Easily with a Full Set of Tools

Pencil marks, number highlights, hints, and undo the previous state. These tools help you keep track of your progress and avoid getting stuck.

Play on the Go with a Unique One-Handed Mode

With quick swipes and taps at the bottom of the screen, you can easily navigate the board, input numbers, or use solving tools. No need to stretch your fingers across the whole screen.

Import Puzzles from Your Favorite Newspaper or Magazine with Camera Mode

Sudoku Plus makes it easy to import puzzles from other sources and solve them on your phone or tablet. Just scan the puzzle with your camera!

Track Your Progress and Improve Your Skills with Performance Metrics

See how quickly you're solving puzzles and how many mistakes you're making. These performance metrics help you identify areas where you need to improve.

Create Your Own Puzzles and Challenge Your Friends with Creator Mode

Take your sudoku skills to the next level by building your own puzzles. Then challenge your friends or family to solve them.

Play Anywhere, Anytime with Offline Functionality

No internet connection required! Sudoku Plus is fully functional offline, so you can play puzzles wherever you are.

Sudoku is a puzzle game that offers numerous benefits to players. One of the main advantages of doing Sudoku is that it can help improve cognitive abilities, such as memory, logic, and concentration. Solving Sudoku puzzles regularly can help train the brain and keep it active, which is particularly important as people age. Moreover, Sudoku can reduce stress and anxiety, as the game requires players to focus on the puzzle, which can help distract them from worries and problems in their daily lives.

Spending 15 minutes a day playing Sudoku can have a significant impact on a person's mental health and cognitive abilities. This amount of time is enough to engage the brain and help improve its functioning, without being too time-consuming. In fact, many people find Sudoku to be a fun and relaxing way to unwind after a long day or during a break at work. The game is also a great way to improve problem-solving skills, as it requires players to think creatively and logically to find the solution to the puzzle.

Overall, playing Sudoku for just 15 minutes a day can have numerous benefits for the brain and mental health. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, Sudoku is an enjoyable and engaging puzzle game that can keep the mind active and healthy. With its wide range of difficulty settings and solving tools, Sudoku Plus is a perfect app to start your Sudoku journey and spend 15 minutes a day challenging your brain and improving your problem-solving skills.

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