Step by step guide to solving sudoku puzzle

We will cover complete solution of an easy puzzles, keep up and learn:

Have a look at the sudoku puzzle before we started solving. Try to find opportunities yourself 1

Let's take our first move. Middle column has only 1 empty cell - which can be 6 only - single elimination


Now top center section has only 1 empty cell which can be only 7. The top left section is also a breeze - second row can carry only 7. Only 2 cell remaining - for 5 and 6, but second cell cannot have 5- it intersects with the column with 5 at the very botton 3

Time to take the pencil and see how to complete the column: 4

Look, the bottom row of the sudoku already has an 8, which makes intersection 4 and the last cell takes 8.

Have a look at the 6th column- it has only one slot remainig - easy to fill this part of the sudoku board. 5

Can you complete this section yourself with only 2 numbers not filled?

6 New strategy - goes from numbers - almost every section has a 9 excluding bottom right - filling the 9 leaves us with just 2 cells to complete 6

Have a look at the sudoku board, what stragegy you would choose to continue. Follow along and try to guess which technique was used: 6 6 6 6 6 6 Congratulations! puzzle solved: 6

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