What is sudoku world record?

Current World Record

During the Prague Sudoku world championship on Nov 4 2018 A Sudoku Master from China Wang Shiyao solved 9x9 sudoku grid in 54.44 seconds at the World Sudoku & Puzzle Championship held in Prague.

How fast could you solve this particluar sudoku puzzle? You can try yourself: SHIYAO WANG PRAGUE 2018 puzzle

The previous world record was set in 2006 by Thomas Snyder, an American Sudoku expert. On May 20 2006 Thomas was able to solve a “Very Easy” difficulty Sudoku puzzle was 1 minute 23.93 seconds.

History of competitive Sudoku

First sudoku world championship happened in New York in 1992, but was not held regularly in the next years. Since 2006, Sudoku World Championships have been held annually.

World Sudoku Championship (WSC)

World Sudoku Championship (WSC) is organised by a member of the World Puzzle Federation. The very first competition was held in Lucca Italy in 2006. It normally consists of 100+ puzzles solved by competitors over several time limited rounds and include: classic sudoku, some other puzzle types. The event may be held in a sequence of play off qualifiers, where for example an answer from one sudoku may contribute to the beginning of the next sudoku.

"World record round" - is a part of competition where contestants can set new world records for fast solving sudoku puzzles, it is observed by Guinnes World Records representatives.

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YearHost cityHost CountryGoldSilverBronze
2022KrakowPolandTiit VunkDai TantanKota Morinishi
2020ShanghaiChinacancelled due to COVID-19
2019KirchheimGermanyKen EndoKota MorinishiDai Tantan
2018PragueCzech RepublicKota MorinishiBastien Vial-JaimeTiit Vunk
2017BangaloreIndiaKota MorinishiTiit VunkQiu Yanzhe
2016SenecSlovakiaTiit VunkJakub OndroušekKota Morinishi
2015SofiaBulgariaKota MorinishiTiit VunkJakub Ondroušek
2014LondonUnited KingdomKota MorinishiTiit VunkBastien Vial-Jaime / Jakub Ondroušek
2013BeijingChinaJin CeKota MorinishiJakub Ondroušek
2012KraljevicaCroatiaJan MrozowskiKota MorinishiHideaki Jo
2011EgerHungaryThomas SnyderKota MorinishiTiit Vunk
2010PhiladelphiaUnited StatesJan MrozowskiJakub OndroušekHideaki Jo
2009ŽilinaSlovakiaJan MrozowskiBranko CeranicRobert Babilon
2008GoaIndiaThomas SnyderYuhei KusuiJakub Ondroušek
2007PragueCzech RepublicThomas SnyderYuhei KusuiPeter Hudak
2006LuccaItalyJana TylovaThomas SnyderWei-Hwa Huang

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