What is World Sudoku Championship

The World Sudoku Championship (WSC) is yearly international puzzle contest which is held by the World Puzzle Federation.National teams compete in country ranking as well as individual score for players. The very first chamiponship goes back to the year 2006. The event was held at Lucca (Italy)

How can you take part in WSC

Local events are held in various countries, and events recognized by World Puzzle Federation qualify as entry to take part in the main global events. Currently there are only 30 countries officially present, but you can apply individually even if your country is not represented by a national team.

What types of sudoku are played

Over 100 puzzles are normally played during the competition in timed rounds. The puzzles include classic sudoku, sudoku variations, and other puzzle types that are played in rounds such as Relay Round, World Record.

Relay Round - in this mode players of the team solve the sequence of puzzles in turns while at the given moment if time only one puzzle is being solved.

Curious about the winners and records set at WSC? Read it here


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