Best free apps to reset your brain

How to keep your brain fit and rested with brain training apps

Just like your physical health, your mental health require some effort and attention. While we live in an extremely stressful world full of uncertainties and anxiety it is extremely important to pay attention to your mental health now. So both exercicing and keeping anxiety low important.

Unwind and relax

Loóna sleep app

Loóna - bedtime and sleep - an award-winning app designed to gently occupy your mind with soothing interactive content, shedding the worries of today and setting you up for a serene tomorrow.

The core concept of the app is a sleepscape - interactive relaxing diorama you have to color guided by a narrator. All your senors are occupied: you are watching a beautiful scene evolved, tactile interaction to color and guided audio track. Alltogether Loóna is an extraordinary app to disengage from a beasy day and reduce anxiety.


Breathwrk is simple, it has a breathing exercice for every occasion: from waking up and energizing, then focusing or managing anxiety and stress, to relaxing and going to bed. Though main concept is quite easy to grasp the app has extraordinary depth to it. Exerceices are well thought and take just a second to hop in.


Finch is a mindfullnes tamagochi. You can think of it like a trained self-care pet friend and companion. The app features a variety of bite-size exercices

Brain training apps - sudoku is simple yet effecient say to focus or bend your brain. However paying for games or watching ads can be quite cause anxiety on it's own. But don't worry, in you neither have to pay nor watch ads. For the next couple of months the app is totally free with absoultely (like literally)

Lumosity - simple brain training games split bite sized with progress tracking. Lomosity is one of the best aps to


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