Hogwarts Legacy: Eye chests easy money guide

How to open eye beholder chests?

Simple: if it sees you - it won't open. Invisibility potion works but the price is too high and there is a more elegant solution to solve that puzzle:

Deep within the halls of Hogwarts Castle, there are mysterious Eye Chests waiting to be discovered. Unlike the other locked containers, these ornate boxes do not offer magical artifacts or powerful gear. Instead, they reward you with a hefty sum of 500 Galleons, making them a valuable resource for young wizards seeking to build their wealth early in the game.

However, unlocking the Eye Chests requires a special spell known as Disillusionment. This spell can only be acquired by completing the Secrets of the Restricted Section main quest, which begins in the early stages of your journey as a student at Hogwarts.

With the Disillusionment spell, you shall be able to activate stealth mode, allowing you to sneak up on these elusive containers. When you are within reach, simply press the interact button, and the Eye Chest shall be yours.

For your convenience, we shall provide a list of the Eye Chests found within Hogwarts Castle, along with the nearest fast travel points to aid in your navigation. Although a map is not included, our guide shall ensure that you shall have no difficulty locating these valuable treasures.

Eye beholder locked chests locations:

Below are all the locations of hidden eye chests to be unlocked:

  • Library Annex Eye Chests (2 Library / Greenhouse)
  • Astronomy Wing Eye Chests (2 - Professor Fig's Classroom / Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower )
  • Bell Tower Wing Eye Chests (3 - Bell Tower Courtyard / North Exit / Flying Class Lawn )
  • Grand Staircase Eye Chests (1 - Lower Grand Staircase)
  • Great Hall Eye Chests (2 - Viaduct Courtyard and Boathouse)
  • South Wing Eye Chests (1 -Clock Tower)
  • Secret Rooms Eye Chests (1 - right above the staricase at the exit)

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