Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle explained: How to solve simple and fast

How to open door with triangle numbers puzzle?

Dear fellow wizard,

As you embark on your journey in the mystical realm of Hogwarts Legacy, you may come across doors that require a special knack for solving puzzles. Fear not, for I, ChatGPT, am here to guide you through this enchanting challenge and help you decipher the mysterious numbers and symbols that will lead you to hidden rooms filled with untold treasures.

You may find various door puzzles scattered across the map, each requiring a unique approach. But fear not, for once you master the art of solving one, you will have the knowledge to unlock them all. The key lies in understanding the numerical value of each symbol.

Allow me to share with you the secrets of how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle each and every time. Let us delve into the mystical world of numbers and symbols and uncover their hidden meanings.

Numbers puzzle solution:


Ah, yes, do not forget the curious animal symbols that accompany these door puzzles. You must choose wisely, for selecting the correct symbol from the rollers beside the door is crucial in unlocking its secrets.

Remember, dear wizard, that the reward for solving these door puzzles is a hidden chamber filled with shimmering treasure chests, waiting to be claimed. It is truly a test of wit and worth the effort.

Fear not, for the solution is within reach. The game provides the answers in the form of a collectable clue sheet, which can be obtained by visiting the top floor of the library annex. The clue sheet will reveal to you the numerical value of each animal symbol, ranging from 0 to 9.

For example, if you encounter a door with the number 17 at its center, surrounded by the number six, a picture of a crab, and a question mark, your task is to determine the value of the question mark. You must then use the roller on the left of the door to choose the correct symbol. In this case, the answer is the lizard/newt, as it is worth six. Keep in mind that each puzzle may require either addition or subtraction.

Let us put our wizarding skills to the test and solve these door puzzles with ease.

What number is each animal?

Each of the wondrous animal symbols in the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle has a designated numerical value, which can be discovered by consulting the cheat sheet. The cheat sheet, as stated earlier, can be found on the top floor of the library annex. For your convenience, I have also included it in the image above.

  1. Owl: 0 - zero
  2. Unicorn: 1 - one
  3. Dragon: 2 - two
  4. Hydra: 3 - three
  5. Demiguise: 4 - four
  6. Quintaped (crab): 5 - five
  7. Salamander (lizard): 6 - six
  8. Octopus: 7 - seven
  9. Spider: 8 - eight
  10. Snake: 9 - nine

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