⚡ How to solve sudoku in one minute?

The fastest recorded time to complete a “Very Easy” difficulty Sudoku puzzle was 1 minute 23.93 seconds, as the Guinness World Records says. The record was set on May 20, 2006 by Thomas Snyder, an American Sudoku champion.

Therefore, there is still no human being achieving this goal YET. Yet there are still 5 tips to solve sudoku puzzles reasonably fast:

  1. Scan quickly for single candidates - yes, it is still the easiest and most reliable way to eliminate the unknown from the board.
  2. Don’t get stuck for too long on one part of the grid, see rule number 1 and scan the whole board
  3. Practice systematic approach - when scanning - do scan the whole board, when counting placed numbers make sure you’ve covered all of them
  4. Enjoy the process - concentrate, clean your mind have fun - this is the integral part of healthy sudoku solving.
  5. Train regularly - your brain requires regular practice - keep it healthy and fit, and clearly get better

Extra tip:

When things get rough and you need some more complex strategy, you should probably learn the x-wing sudoku technique: It is applicable to the scenario where you can find a row that contains the same pencil mark in exactly two spots, as well as a separate parallel row that mirrors it – holding the same pencil mark in only the same two spots, this gives you the ability to eliminate similar pencil marks in the columns passing through those spots.

Can this be rotated 90 degrees? Sure thing. Whenever find two columns with only two identical positions for a given pencil mark, then the matching rows intersecting these positions can have all other candidates safely removed. Elimination is the key! Learn More about Sudoku X-Wing Strategy.

Finally: Practice

Download our mobile app with progressive challenges mode - from very easy to difficult.The app will also give you plenty of solving tools like notes, hints, undos. You can even import your own printed sudoku and play from the app.

Interested to learn More about Sudoku World records at varios championships? Continue reading and improve your puzzle solving skills.


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